About the Therapist

Alex Korolov was originally trained as a massage therapist in Texas.  He worked in various settings, including a high-end spa, an in-home studio and as part of a chair massage company offering on-site massage at hospitals and offices.

After moving to Massachusetts he received further training from the Bancroft School of Massage in Worcester, as well as regularly taking continuing education classes to expand his knowledge of massage and to help people as effectively as possible.

 Alex believes in living a healthy well-rounded life and in pursuing activities that benefit both body and soul.  He regularly practices yoga as well as running, bicycling and weight training.  His desire to improve spiritually led to the study of yin yoga, meditation, and Reiki in order to benefit the being as a whole.

Alex has been a musician his whole life starting from a young age.  Music was his career before pursuing massage and he still enjoys performing and teaching to this day.

Harold understands the benefits of massage