Welcome to Pioneer Valley Massage. 

Whether you are just looking to relax, to alleviate the effects of chronic stress or muscular pain, or something in between, Alex will customize each massage to meet your needs.

Once viewed as a luxury, massage is increasingly being accepted as an alternative medical treatment that can improve quality of life and alleviate some of the effects of illness and stress-related conditions. Massage can promote relaxation, boost sleep, reduce headaches, improve immunity, lower blood pressure, ease muscle pain, improve sports performance, soothe anxiety and depression, counter muscular imbalances caused by prolonged sitting, manage low back pain, boost circulation, and has more potential benefits as well.

Alex will communicate clearly with you to assess what you are looking for in a massage and uses a variety of techniques to create a unique session for each client.


Pioneer Valley Massage is conveniently located at 10 South Main Street in Belchertown,  right on the corner of Rt. 181 and Rt. 202.

To schedule an appointment, call (413) 284-2175 or send an email to alex@pioneervalleymassage.com.

Current booking hours:

Monday               8am - 2pm
Tuesday              8am - 7pm
Wednesday         8am - 2pm
Thursday            8am - 7pm
Friday                  8am - 7pm
Saturday             Closed
Sunday                Closed

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